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Dry Cleaning

We offer the finest quality dry cleaning at affordable prices. Our dry cleaner, Kevin, with us since June of 2011, uses state of the art equipment, an organic, all natural cleaning process, and a trained, loyal staff.

We trust Kevin to take care with your valuable garments, your clothing will be returned to you on time, cleaned and perfectly pressed

  • Pants $7.85
  • Shirts $7.50
  • Sport Coat $9.00
  • Sweaters $7.50
  • Blouses $6.95
  • Dress $15.25
  • Men's Suit $16.95
  • Comforters $30.00 - $45.00

Finished Laundry and Shirts

At Sonoma Suds, we believe that making a first great impression begins with your shirt!

We hand finish all your shirts as well as replace any damaged or missing buttons. Each shirt is carefully pre-spotted, washed and pressed. No starch, or light to heavy starch is available. Leaving on vacation? No problem, just ask us to fold and box your shirts. 

  • Shirts $2.50
  • Boxed Shirts $3.10
  • Tuxedo Shirts $4.50
  • Pants $7.50
  • Blouses $5.50
  • Sheets, Duvet Covers
  • (call for price)
  • Tablecloth (call for price)

In-House Laundry Services

For some items, our customers prefer to use our wash and iron service. We will only recommend this service if we feel it will have the best result for our customers. You'll know what we mean if you've ever tried ironing a white cotton shirt. Shirt presses were invented for a reason! Whatever you bring us, we will do our best.

  • Shirts $2.65
  • Blouses $3.75
  • Pants $7.50
  • Sheets $8.75 - $10.00
  • Duvet Covers $21.00 - $24.00
  • Pillowcases $2.50
  • Shams $3.50
  • Tablecloths $8.00 - $25.00